World’s best slab harvester.Brandon Chambley, Sod Atlanta, Georgia
Here at Woerner Turf our harvest hours run from 5 a.m. until way after dark or until we get finished! Which ever comes first. It helps morale to know every morning that you’ve got this ProSlab ready and waiting. As long as I’ve got my operators and my lift drivers we’re in business. I mean let’s be honest, it’s all about getting a quality product to your customer as quickly as possible. And nothing I’ve ran even competes with the FireFly harvester. I’ve been in the turf business going on 16 years and I’ve never run an automatic harvester that is as easy to operate, maintain, or train someone to run as the ProSlab 155.

As far as the machine goes I love the visibility. Just turn on those lights early in the morning or when the sun goes down, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Comfortable chair, great a/c, great heater, and user friendly controls! Now this is a machine, and all machines are going to break down. There’s no need to worry. Just pick up your phone and give the FireFly Team a call and you will find someone who can help you. These machines are FireFly’s babies and they never stop caring for them. Whether it’s a simple software update or simply stopping in to check to see how things are going, FireFly’s service to their customers goes on long, long, long after the sale.Zach Foy, Woerner Turf, Alabama

With a shifting customer base, we decided to change from hand-stacked rolls to automated slabs, and the FireFly seemed like the best machine for that. The stacker is very smooth and consistent, making a nice square pallet that is a lot more stable for transport. It’s easy to adjust to varying conditions and soil strengths. It has great visibility. We appreciate the service that FireFly provides, both remotely and in person.Brent Redman, Buchanan Turf, NSW Australia
The benefit of having a smart machine like a FireFly is that it produces the turf in a much more efficient manner from a labor standpoint and also from a production amount of grass we are taking out of the field. As an end user of FireFly’s equipment, I don’t know a lot about how it works, but it works, and that’s what’s important.Lindy Murff, Murff Turf Farms, Texas
The ProSlab 155 makes it easier to cut our grass so that we can deliver it to our customers even quicker!William Gavranovich, Jr., All Seasons Turf Grass, Texas
The FireFly harvester shows up to work on time, ready to work. It’s reliable. A customer told me that we had the best looking grass he’d ever seen, because it was so neatly stacked. The machine’s easy to maintain. When I make a phone call, the staff at FireFly knows their machine. That saves a lot of down time. The ProSlab is also easy to operate. I love that I can get something done on the weekends, when I’m just a one man operation.Kyonil McKee, Production Manager, Wilderness Turf, Louisiana
The secret weapon of FireFly is that the cutter head outperforms everybody else. The yield off this machine is about 3:1 compared to the other automated harvesters that we have, plus the hand-stacks. Also, the cab is quiet and comfortable. You can spend the whole day in there. None of my operators have come back complaining that they’re tired out or have a crick in their neck. Another thing I love is the fuel economy. We’re averaging probably 1-2 gallons per hour less over the competitor.Brandon Chambley, Farm Manager, Sod Atlanta, Georgia
We’re very concerned with labor, and what that looks like in the future. It’s getting very, very difficult to find good help, and that was one of the reasons we chose to invest in automation for our sod harvesting. By doing so, it’s a one man operation, with the hopes of making us much, much more efficient.Eric Hjort, Tater Farms, Florida
Comfortable to operate and great visibility! Nothing quite like a FireFly! The FireFly ProSlab 155 stacks perfect pallets all day long.Woerner Turf, Alabama

Two ProSlabs


FireFly is saving me lots of money. Their depth control units run quieter and cut better. I am completely satisfied.Daniel Weertz, Blue Valley Sod, Minnesota
The depth control is tremendous. It made it cut like a new machine. We’re not having to mess with it at all. The biggest thing is the bushings. They don’t wear out. FireFly’s sensors are more durable.Jim Keeven, SelecTurf, Missouri
FireFly’s hydraulic depth control system has worked well for different conditions and everything is holding together well. Now we have a lot more consistency. There is no more vibration in the head. It holds position better, so we can get a better cut.Kurt Schwieder, Idaho Sod, Idaho
The greaseless bushing pins on the FireFly parts are definitely better. Definitely!Les Phillips, Phillips Turf Farms, Utah
The FireFly flipper ladder holds up much better than the original.Steve Chont, Waltz Green Acres, Michigan
The FireFly Rollup Arms are definitely an upgrade. Their simple design is built to last.Gary Turner, Turner Turf Farms, Utah
I’ve had a lot less problems since I got the FireFly sensors.Curtis Blasingame, AG Sod, California

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FireFly ProSlab 155