Automation made simple


Save fuel for your turf harvester with optimized engine, fuel tank, and systems. Electric technology brings unmatched efficiency and fast, smooth movements. Smooth operation greatly reduces wear and tear on your machine.

 A Cut Above

No other sod cutter on the market can perform in more widely varying conditions so simply, due to FireFly’s exclusive ground pressure control algorithms. From hard and rocky, to soft and muddy. This electric cutter will amaze you with its quality of cut.

 Light on Its Feet

Flotation that leaves your fields with low impact for excellent re-grow. Well-designed weight balance on all four wheels allows the ProSlab 155 to work very well on uneven ground, including side hills.


Your grass varieties. The cut you want. Stable pallets with rotated tie-in layers…neat and square. Increased productivity with drop-on-the-fly pallet exchange. Simply the smoothest, fastest, and most accurate stacker in the industry.

 TurfView Cab

When an operator can perform the job in comfort, productivity and quality will increase. We pay attention to the details in the ProSlab 155 cabin to accomplish this. Simply step right in…

 Shedding New Light

Discover some of the many ways FireFly is utilizing new technologies to help you do your job better…remote diagnostics…pallet weight sensor…greaseless bushings (just to name a few). We make automated turf harvesters that simply work.

Better Turf Harvester Parts

Our goal for every part we sell is to reduce your cost of owning automated turf harvesters by providing at least one of these solutions:

Depth Control turf harvester part

The way to MAKE GREEN is with blue and yellow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Demo I Can See?

There are several ways to watch FireFly’s machines in action. Check out our events calendar on our News page for field days that we will be attending. We also frequently schedule demos at current customers’ farms, so you can see a ProSlab in action in real conditions. You can also find videos of the ProSlab 155 working on our YouTube channel.

Will Your Harvester Work on My Farm?

The ProSlab turf harvesters have had great success in conditions that no one thought were workable for automated equipment. Proven performance from black dirt and muck to clay and sandy soil…from St. Augustine to Bermuda, Zoysia to Buffalo…our customers are cutting impressive pallets by the truckload. The optional ProSlab 155 HF model is built for muck and features higher flotation and extra tall pallet cutting capability. Click here to see a gallery of beautiful pallets in a wide variety of grass varieties and soil conditions. The ProSlab hasn’t met a farm it couldn’t handle.

How Fast Is Your Support Team?

We work hard to build machines that are durable and reliable, but there will be times when you’ll need us. We are strongly committed to giving you the support you need, when you need it. Our technical experts are available 24/7 to talk you through any issues that come up, and many updates and adjustments can now be done remotely. When you call FireFly, you don’t get an answering service. You talk to a knowledgable TEAM member who knows your machine. When you need someone in your fields, a member of our growing field service TEAM will give you the ongoing support you need to keep your machines running at their best. We want our customers to be happy with their investments, and we do whatever it takes to make sure they are.

Do You Have Parts In Stock?

Yes! We keep a fully stocked parts warehouse, which means that when you need something, we can get it to you right away. We manufacture a large percentage of our own parts in-house and we continually invest in improvements to our manufacturing capabilities, which allows us to respond quickly to your needs with high quality parts at fair pricing. Whether you’re stocking up on your spare parts inventory, or you are down in the field, we’ve got you covered.